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An electrician is a professional who installs and maintains electrical wiring in buildings, transmission lines, and stationary machines and equipment. He may also install and maintain new electrical components and infrastructure. The job responsibilities of an electrician depend on the area of specialization. Some electricians may work in one particular industry or specialize in a specific type of equipment.

This career requires a certain level of education and training. Getting your license is an important part of becoming an electrician. As long as you’re willing to put in the time to learn the trade, becoming an electrician is a great career choice. While it may take some time to obtain a license, the time and effort will pay off.

Some Electricians work as independent contractors, but many choose to join a union. The largest union is the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, which has hundreds of thousands of members worldwide. Joining a union can be advantageous for you, but it will depend on your employer’s policies. A union membership will allow you to pay union dues and meet with union officials. These unions also have bargaining committees that help members negotiate contracts with their employers.